Supermarket News Forecasts Non-GMO Uprising

January 9, 2010 As consumers become educated – learning where their food comes from and how it is grown or produced – more concur to stay away from genetically modified food. “…53% of Americans [who] say they would avoid GMOs if labeled.” Jeffrey Smith, of the Institute for Responsible Technology, adds his thoughts on the […]


Michael Pollan: In Defense of Food 3

There’s more to eating than just its effect upon our health. Pleasure, a sense of community, our sense of connection with nature, these are all highly important aspects of eating that may get overlooked. In this segment with Deborah Kane of Ecotrust, Michael Pollan discusses our over-reliance upon science to guide us in our food […]

Michael Pollan 2

Michael Pollan: In Defense Of Food 2

Could our conceptions for eating, and our understanding of foods, gone terribly awry? In this segment, Michael Pollan explains how Americans have come to view food through the lens of nutritionism. Foods have become valued upon their perceived healthiness, largely, the measure of how we view the good and bad nutrients within foods. Other valuable […]