Video thumbnail for youtube video Sustainable Food: Mushrooms Grown from Coffee Grinds

Sustainable Food: Mushrooms Grown from Coffee Grinds

January 20, 2011 This was an inspirational post, not just for the fantastic idea of using an ongoing resource of coffee grinds – Americans alone consume up to 400 million cups of coffee a day – but the fact that the idea of growing mushrooms from coffee grinds arose from a college lecture given by […]

St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg Urban Garden Club

January 12, 2011 As you might imagine with any large urban metro area with over 6 million residents, there exists an ongoing challenge of what to do with all the waste. The St. Petersburg Urban Garden Club (in Russia) set out to create something that was more ecological and also gave something of great value […]

Commercial garbage canister full of food waste

Plans for First Food Waste to Energy Plant in U.S. Underway

December 13, 2010 The green light has been given by Portland Metro to Columbia Biogas to “build a facility that will use anaerobic digestion to transform commercial food waste into methane gas that will run engines to generate electricity.” The food waste will be collected from commercial and industrial sources and is “expected to produce […]

"American Wasteland" by Jonathan Bloom

On CBS and Carrots

November 18, 2010 Mainstream media made a visit to Jonathan Bloom’s home recently to talk to him about America’s habits of wasting food. Bloom’s recently published book, American Wasteland, focuses on this subject – a subject that will certainly be talked about even more after seeing the CBS video. It was amazing to see how […]