photo courtesy of Front Yard Coop

Front Yard Farming: Are You Ready for a Solar Powered Chicken Coop?

September 08, 2011 Here I am working on replacing my lawn with edibles and along comes this nifty idea: a front yard chicken coop. But wait, it’s designed to improve my front lawn as the chickens feed, forage, scratch, and fertilize the ground. Can I have a lawn and grow food too? It’s a solar […]

Urban farmers fight to keep animals in city

February 17, 2010 As the interest in growing and raising your own food gains momentum, those in Calgary, Canada, are finding themselves going against city regulations. The Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw “doesn’t allow people to keep livestock within city limits. Livestock means chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese and pheasants, as well as horses, pigs, cattle and […]

Goats Clearing Brush

A Diversified Crop and Livestock Farmer: My Introduction

Part I: I am a diversified livestock and vegetable farmer with six acres of land, where I now run a full time farm business called The Little Homestead. While I’ll be covering various aspects of food and farming in future articles on CUpS, I figured that first off, an introduction would be in order. This […]