How to Can Sardines

How to Can Sardines (video)

Harriet Fasenfest and Marge Braker, food preservation experts, demonstrate how to can fresh sardines, and a basic primer on working with pressure cookers.

Heading Out to Fishing Shack

Spear Fishing In Minnesota

The activities available to Minnesotans during the course of our long winters are minimal: snow shoeing, cross country skiing, staying warm and of course ice fishing.  This age old activity is often nothing more than an excuse to sit around and drink beer.  Often the fishing process is so mechanized that you really don’t have […]


Fishing for the Local Availability of Fresh Fish

Navigating my way around the fish counter One thing I’ve learned about this journey to a more sustainable food lifestyle is that I still have so much to learn. Just when I think I’ve got a good handle on things I discover there is still yet another area where I fall short. First it was […]


Fried Tilapia Fish

14 year old Brad shares one of his favorite (and simple) recipes for tilapia.