Factory Farms: Animal Welfare, No Legal Protections-2

Factory Farms: Animal Welfare, No Legal Protections 2 (video)

In part 2, Kathy Hessler, Director of the Animal Law Clinic at Lewis and Clark Law School in Portland (Oregon), discusses some of the important work that is being done to try and address the problems associated with factory farms. According to Hessler, this effort involves a large coalition of folks from different states, as […]

Infarmation and Beer Event with Dan Imhoff, Kendra Kimbirauskas and Kathy Hessler

Factory Farms: In The Can (video)

The technical designation is CAFO, and it stands for “Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation”. To their detractors, they are often referred to simply as “factory farms”. Although CAFO can be very broadly applied to farms with even small numbers of livestock, for those who are opposed to such operations, CAFO refers mainly to very large farms […]