Pig Farming Matters

I learned that over 90 percent of pigs in raised in confinement were continually administered antibiotics in their daily water or feed.

Sustainable Food Movement’s Dirty Little Secret-part 3

Part 3: Okay, in the past two weeks, Two Junes have vented their mixed bag of liberal guilt and righteous indignation on the difficulties of creating a sustainable food movement for everyone, not just the well-off and the well-educated. And we aren’t solitary voices crying in the wilderness although finding nuts and bolts discussion of […]

Sustainable Food Movement’s Dirty Little Secret-part 2

Part 2: A single parent with a high-school education working full-time at a low-paying, physically taxing job may be having a hard time feeding a family at all, much less well. And it’s a lot easier to fight against prevailing culture if you aren’t exhausted. Let’s be honest. It takes time and a fair degree […]


The Sustainable Food Movements Dirty Little Secret

Part 1: Let’s face it, our dirty little secret—eating whole foods, eating locally or eating organic, sustainable, non-local is a very real class issue today. What you eat is directly related to how much money you make, how much time you have to source or grow food, your comfort level in cooking and your level […]