Julie & Rolin Eberline, Iowan Contract Hog Producers

As We Sow: Part 2 (video)

Farming for Wages What happens when independent farmers decide to go under contract to corporate producers and forever change the relationship between farmer and farm? Contract farming has led to a change in the rural economic landscape, for better or, as farmers and a host of rural analysts and academics say, worse, much worse: “They […]

It Takes a Community to Sustain a Small Farm

January 8, 2010 Steph Larsen, of the Center for Rural Affairs, points out the essential pieces of growing a local food system, and the necessity of adding community for it to thrive. We all play an integral part in the growing, buying, and eating of food. h/t @LocavoreBlog Go to Original Source…

wheel of cheese

Cheese By Hand (video)

Michael Claypool and Sasha Davies travel across the country sampling artisan cheese one destination at a time.