Time for a Crop Swap

Another kind of food swap exists – it’s one I think many communities could easily embrace: a crop swap!

Video thumbnail for youtube video Community Digs in to Help Local Farm and Eatery

Community Digs in to Help Local Farm and Eatery

June 03, 2011 Dava Parr, owner of Fresh & Wyld Farmhouse Inn, a small local business in Paonia, Colorado, was facing a balloon payment she could not make and recently reached out to the community for support, and found it. One such person who stepped forward to help out was High Country News managing editor, […]


David Korten: Agenda for a New Economy 4 (video)

This post is under construction. A new video player will be added shortly. “If we have a need in society, and we have unutilized labor, land, technology— the other real resources required to address it— money alone should never be the deciding constraint.”—David Korten In part 4, David Korten concludes his talk on transforming the […]