A Low-Tech Organic Chestnut Farmer (video)

A Low-Tech Organic Chestnut Farmer

For chestnut farmer Chris Foster, providing his community high quality, organic chestnuts with lesser impact on the environment is a win-win for everyone.

Protecting the Viability of Organics from the Purists

Protecting the Viability of Organics from the Purists

This post delves deeper into how one false impression in particular is fueling the sense of loss behind organic’s mid-life crisis. Specifically, we’ll examine how the exclusion of synthetic materials, which some within the organic community would elevate to a cardinal principle, actually threatens to drive farmers out of certification, if not out of business entirely.


Interest in Small Farms Grows

March 10, 2011 As the season begins to change to Spring, I’ve noticed a lot more attention being paid to the small farmer. Last week the New York Times ran a piece on the growing interest of small farming with 20-30 year olds. “Garry Stephenson, coordinator of the Small Farms Program at Oregon State University, […]

Ripe raspberry on vine

En Santé Organic Winery and Meadery

October 13, 2010 Farming and making wine on the homestead her grandparents established in 1927 in Brosseau, Alberta, Canada, Xina Chrapko from the get-go defines what organic means to her: “Why organic? It’s just because that’s how we’ve always farmed. A little pet peeve of mine is, you hear conventional farming and organic farming – […]