Radiance Dairy (video)

There are thousands of dairy farms out there. And most treat their cows on par with industry standards: Milk them until they no longer produce at large quantities and then “retire” them…usually to a feed lot. But Radiance Dairy is different. And that’s why we chose it as our first stop on the Real Food […]


Francis Thicke of Radiance Dairy (video)

Editor’s note: During the month of May 2011, Daniel Klein is “traveling from Minnesota to Louisiana to Portland to Florida and back again, once again creating weekly videos about Real Food”. This is his most recent dispatch from the road: As we set off on our Real Food Road Trip last Monday, we were excited […]


The Unconventional Harvest: Grassland Organic Farm

I had just finished biking 30 miles in the hot summer sun and so I decided it was appropriate to take a quick rest on the dilapidated porch and admire the lush pastures speckled with beautiful dandelions that swayed gently in the cool breeze. Excerpt 2.

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Danish Soup

This longstanding family recipe for making Danish Soup calls for the following fresh ingredients: beef soup bones,carrots, celery, parsley, ground beef, soda crackers, cream, butter, rice and raisins.