Beautiful Corn: Soon The Snow Flies

Beautiful Corn: Soon the Snow Flies

Beautiful Corn is a ‘how-to’ from planting to eating. I provide a practicum of corn growing from seed selection through seed production, based on my experience as a farmer and gardener.


The Unconventional Harvest: Grassland Organic Farm

I had just finished biking 30 miles in the hot summer sun and so I decided it was appropriate to take a quick rest on the dilapidated porch and admire the lush pastures speckled with beautiful dandelions that swayed gently in the cool breeze. Excerpt 2.

Senator Jon Tester (Montana)

Food Safety Amendment

November 18, 2010 The Food Safety Modernization Act (S. 510) is being considered in the Senate today. One of the amendments, the Tester amendment (to protect family scale producers), was just ratified to be included in the Managers Amendment. So if the bill goes forward, the Tester amendment will be part of it. When asked […]