What is Biochar?

What is Biochar?

From the Lexicon of Sustainability, a graphic animation video explaining the important role of biochar in helping promote the vitality of agricultural soil.

Photograph by: Glenn Baglo, PNG

Windermere Student Farmers Reach Out with Mobile Composting Project

November 10, 2010 Teenagers in Vancouver, BC, are growing their own urban farm at their high school, Windermere Secondary. To help build soil fertility for their 11 bed gardens and 320 square foot greenhouse, the school board won a grant to install a commercial compost system called an Earth Tub. The students ride their bikes […]

Society Starts in the Dirt

January 8, 2010 A reminder from Change.org the importance of the soil’s health – for without it we won’t have food to eat or clothing to wear (cotton, wool, and other materials created from plant fibers). “Soils around the world are becoming so depleted of nutrients that some experts are starting to fret over the […]

Video thumbnail for youtube video Intro to Permaculture 3 - Topsoil

Intro to Permaculture 3 – Topsoil

January 7, 2010 “1.9 billion tons of topsoil lost a year in US because of way we do annual agriculture.” This video from Midwest Permaculture is one of eighteen segments from their first webinar of the Foundations of Permaculture Webinar Series. Go to Original Source…