Community Supported agriculture for Seafood

Community Supported Agriculture for Seafood

You join a CSA every year, buy eggs fresh from the farmer at the market, and you only buy locally-sourced, pastured pork and beef. But what about that salmon on your grill this summer? Do you know the waters from which it came, know the fisherman who hauled it in?

Willem Treep and Drees Peter van den Bosch

Willem and Drees: Local for Local Distribution

September 19, 2011 After discovering “fruits & vegetables are transported around the Globe and purchasing an apple grown around the corner in a local supermarket is impossible”, Willem Treep and Drees Peter van den Bosch (of the Netherlands) got together to come up with an idea on how to get locally grown produce into local […]


TEDxManhattan: Changing the Way We Eat

February 11, 2011 The TED talks have garnered a following and popularity throughout the world – many folks like to listen to passionate thinkers and doers who are on the cutting edge in their field, whether it be design, science, technology, global issues…they are “riveting talks by remarkable people.” These talks have inspired other communities […]