Cooking Classes at the Local Farmer’s Market

While Kathryn Yeomans (The Farmers Feast) loves to create popup restaurant events, where she’s able to be like “cinderella at the ball” having a restaurant for one night, she admits she also has to have a full-time job. For Yeoman’s, that’s teaching basic cooking classes at some of the local farmer’s markets. And, since she loves being surrounded by farmers and fresh food, it’s a great fit to be a farmer’s market chef, and culinary instructor.

Chef Kathryn Yeomans Prepares Fresh Corn Salad

Chef Kathryn Yeomans Prepares Fresh Corn Salad

Yeoman’s teaches people how to cook with whole ingredients, something she sees as somewhat of a lost art. As Yeoman’s explains in the video, required home economics classes no longer exist in the public schools, and with the frenetic pace of modern life, how do people learn how to cook? For sure, some take to cooking natively without much difficulty, but if you think about what’s often entailed, it can be a daunting task just where to begin, especially with the ever-changing variety of fresh foods offered at the farmer’s market.

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