Tomato Pie (video)

Tomatoes are beginning to show up at local Farmers Markets and, depending upon which part of the country you live, this may be growing season in your backyard garden. I thought this would be a good time to share Tricia Butler’s award-winning Tomato Pie recipe in this video.

Tricia Butler, Sassafras Catering

Although this is a Southern recipe tradition, Tricia says everyone in her family makes it differently. Different types of tomatoes, different cheeses, different spices, and, yes of course, different secrets. Consider making Tomato Pie your next family tradition. It’s great for special occasions, holidays, or if you’re just hungry for something good.


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    Zupan’s – couldn’t agree with you more about the sweet ones – especially berry (my weak spot this time of year!). I hope you have a chance to try Tricia’s recipe… a wonderful tasty meal, in and of itself.

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      Tricia – I know you said you could use any tomatoes, but do you have a fave or 2?
      I have some new heirloom ones ripening (first time trying something other than beefsteak or early girl!), and wondering which, if any, make a difference in your recipe. Thanks for any direction on this!

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    Yum! Savory pies are so much fun + a refreshing break from the typical sweet staples (though we LOVE those too!). Tomato pie sounds like such a lovely late summer treat, especially alongside those fried green tomatoes mentioned by Janis. Can’t wait to try this one.

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    Glad to hear you tried this, Janis! I’m about to make it (again!), now that my tomatoes are finally ripening. I tried this last year and fell in love with it – taking advantage of so many yummy things ripening this time of year. Tricia wrote to make a slight change: she substituted sour cream (same amount) for the mayo, saying, “It is wonderfully rich and actually makes the pie taste better. It is also better for freezing since mayo breaks when it freezes.”. Guess this makes for a good excuse to make it again. =)

    Any tips for the oven-fried green tomatoes? Sound yummy too.

  4. Janis says

    I’d never had tomato pie before making it today – thanks to Cooking Up a Story. Yum! We have ripe yellow and red heirloom tomatoes growing in our garden, so I used a mix just as suggested. To complete the tomato experience, we accompanied the pie with slices of “oven-fried” green tomatoes (in no short supply of those, either!). The FGT were a first for us, too, and we topped them with a homemade yogurt dressing. Must have been channeling our inner Southerners today!

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