Visit to an Urban Agriculture Organic Farm Supply Store (slideshow)

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CUpS recently spent the day filming at Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply for an upcoming DVD series, and had the good fortune to get to know the co-founder of the company, Naomi Montacre, an expert on raising egg laying chickens in urban environments. It’s incredible the amount of information that Naomi possesses at her finger tips, and just the sheer volume of information that exists on raising chickens.

Stay tuned for more videos on this subject.

For now, here’s a slideshow introduction to some of the attractions at Naomi’s store.


  1. Taylor Parker says

    My husband and I have been trying to be better about watching what we eat, and exercising more regularly. We were talking the other day, about maybe going to an agriculture supplies store, to see if they sell foods that are unprocessed. We are trying to rid ourselves more of processed foods, and eat more whole, natural foods. Does anyone know, if agricultural supply stores sell whole foods? Or is there another specialty store that sells whole, unprocessed foods for a good price? Are there maybe web sites online that we can shop from?

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