A Sustainable Farmer Talks Corn (video)

Anthony Boutard shares the history behind the different varieties of corn that he grows, and describes their more notable uses. Anyone who knows Anthony, knows this sustainable farmer (and organic) believes in growing a wide diversity of crops, including diversity within a species. It just so happens that corn being one of the oldest grains also has one of the largest number of varieties of any crop species.

Popcorn Varieties of Corn
These are the different types of corn that Anthony Boutard mentions in this video:

  • Blue Corn
  • Dent Corn
  • Popcorn: Cochiti Pueblo; Amish Butter; and Pink Beauty
  • Open Pollinated Corn: Sweet Corn; Black Aztec; and Rainbow Inca
  • Flint Corn: White Cap Flint; Seneca Nation; and Roy’s Calais Flint

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