How to Make Artichoke Pesto (video)

In this video, Michele Knaus shows how easy it is to make artichoke pesto. Want to put a chunky twist to pesto? This not only adds a new flavor, but also a great texture to this sauce that originated from Italy. Try it on pasta, bruschetta, seafood, or even as a condiment!

Here’s the recipe from the cooking show: Artichoke Pesto Recipe Enjoy!

Michele Knaus Making Artichoke Pesto

Michele Knaus Making Artichoke Pesto


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    I made this earlier and it was scrumptious! I tried it with low-fat pita chips and I had to pull myself away.

    I used the jarred artichoke hearts. And the Sprouts store I went to today didn’t have freshly picked basil so I used a high-quality dried version, fresher than most brands, and the basil flavor still popped.

    I appreciated tasting all of the ingredients, even though they blended together smoothly. In the future, I will try it over salmon, chicken breast or pasta. Michele’s tip is great as far as adding olive oil to gain the consistency we want depending on our dish. Thank you for sharing!

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