Goat Milk Cheese Maker Talks About Her Bloomy Rind Varieties (video)

Pat Morford has been raising goats on her farm for many years. Her dive into becoming an artisan cheese maker was a logical extension of her goat farming. The secret of great cheese comes from the original quality of the milk. The goats that Pat raises are fed on her own pasture, and great care is given to ensure their health, and natural lifestyle.

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Plate of Bloomy Rind Artisan Cheese

In this short video, Pat Morford talks about her Bloomy Rind style cheese that uses a type of mold that effects not just the surface of the cheese—like most of the varieties produced in this country—but throughout the cheese. As her goat milk cheese ages, it ripens the dense cheese into a soft and creamy texture with a full bodied flavor neither flinty, or dry.

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