Ben Dyer of Sympatica Dining Hall (video)

Sympatica Dining Hall platter

Book author Marissa Guggiana was in town recently and I wanted to talk to her about her new book, Primal Cuts: Cooking with America’s Best Butchers. She was going to be at a small local place called Sympatica Dining Hall for a few hours. The restaurant was going to be preparing a special meal that evening in honor of her visit and the fact she featured the local butcher and co-owner of Sympatica, Ben Dyer in her new book. As we arrived, Dyer was setting up an open grill just outside the restaurant. I introduced myself, then went inside in order to set up for the interview with Ms. Guggiana, a future Food News post.

Ben grills whole lamb

Afterwards, curious about the smoke wafting by the window, I went outside to see what Dyer was doing. He was tending to a whole lamb that he bought from a local rancher to grill for this event. It had been rubbed with herbs, stuffed with lemons, and was rotating oh-so-slowing over the coals and fruitwood. We got to talking about how people are becoming more aware of their food and where it comes from, a growing appreciation for the taste of pasture fed local animal meat, and respect for the general treatment of animals that is reflected not only in the taste of the finished product, but being of healthier quality to eat.


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