Ben Dyer: Portland Chef and Artisan Butcher (video)

Published: January 3, 2011. If the name Ben Dyer doesn’t mean anything to you, well you just may be missing out. As it happens, Dyer is a bit of a wizard chef, not only in terms of his cooking abilities, but his interrelated entrepreneurial endeavors that are almost avant-garde in style, and purpose.

Simpatica Dining Hall Kitchen Staff at work

Simpatica Dining Hall kitchen staff preparing for a dinner.

Take for example his Laurelhurst Market, it’s one part neighborhood artisan butcher shop, and charcuterie (his meats are antibiotic, and hormone free), the other part is a nationally recognized steakhouse. Then there is the Simpatica Dining Hall, a place that serves fixed menu dinners two nights a week by reservation only, and Sunday morning brunch. The dining hall is also available for private parties at other times during the week.

As Ben Dyer mentions in this short video, he believes strongly in sourcing his meats from sustainable farms that raise pasture fed animals under humane conditions. Dyer believes that the quality of the meats he buys reflects the quality of their care, and that includes respect for livestock by all parties involved.

In addition to his catering business, Dyer, a former native of Hawaii (and his two partners, Jason Owens and Dave Kreifels), have just opened a new restaurant, Ate-Oh-Ate, that features Hawaiian-Style Ono grinds.

Not sure when Mr. Dyer finds time to actually rest but I trust he eats quite well.


  1. says

    Wow then he is really an amazing and fulfilled person when it comes to his chosen career. I always admire chefs… with their magnificent taste and idea when it comes to food. It is so nice to meet you Mr. Ben Dyer.

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