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Canning Fresh Pears (video)

Marge Braker Canning PearsVarious fruits and vegetable have been ripening these past few weeks. Have you had a chance to put any up? A favorite around our household is pears, especially the bartlett variety. Like most other fruit, once ripened, if you can’t eat it all, consider canning or preserving in some fashion. Marge Braker, a retired home economics teacher from Oregon State University Extension Service, shows how easy it is to can pears in this video demonstration. She also includes all the necessary steps in her recipe, canning pears, raw pack.

I think canning pears makes for a nice presentation and ease of use for future recipes such as this pear bread recipe. Here are two additional sites to find out more about the canning process: Canning Across America and Food In Jars. And, for more great information and demonstrations on how to can, check out the DVD, Preserving with Friends, that Marge did with her friend Harriet Fasenfest.

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  1. Normie says:

    I have canned for years but never done pears. In fact I had no idea how to do them. Your recipe sounds easy and now I can use the pears that I have wrapped in papers to ripen.

  2. Ira Mann says:

    I have just recently started canning. I am enjoying it very much. Thank you, for sharing your information with me. It is very helpful.

  3. Tricia says:

    I love this story. I have never heard of Preserve, but checked out their web site and would love to take their classes.