Coming Next: Sake

Coming Next: Saké

Gabe Rosen of Biwa Restaurant demonstrates how to make a succulent, Sake Simmered Salmon. We visit a commercial sake plant to find out more about this traditional japanese drink from one of only 4 sake brewers in the country.

An Urban Goat Farm: Avita Springs Farm

An Urban Goat Farm: Abita Springs Farm

Ed Arcement and his wife Nancy love cheese. Indeed, their mutual enthusiasm for this processed food is why they chose to attend a national goat show in Spokane, Washington. They found themselves suddenly bidding on a particular goat, and to their surprise, won!

Coming Next: Backyard Goats

Coming Next: Backyard Goats

Preview of next week’s episodes: Nori Gordon, of the Going Goaty Collective, demonstrates how to make chevre from fresh raw goat milk. A visit to a small backyard goat farm. What do you need to raise your own backyard goats?