Coming Next: Backyard Goats

  • Tuesday
    Nori Gordon, of the Going Goaty Collective, demonstrates how to make chevre from fresh raw goat milk. Gordon, and the other members of the collective, milk their mini-LaMancha goat twice a day, producing about 2 quarts to a gallon per day throughout the year. For those who may be wondering, Gordon makes about a pound and a half of cheese from each gallon of fresh goat milk collected.
  • Wednesday
    For Ed and Nancy Arcement, their love affair with goats first began with artisan goat cheese. Ed loves it to eat, and Nancy thoroughly enjoys making it. They purchased their first milking goat, Variety, in 2005. Now they have 7 girls (all goats), producing enough milk not only to make award-winning cheese, but extra raw milk to legally sell from their Abita Springs Farm to neighbors and friends.
  • Thursday
    Wondering if raising backyard goats is feasible for you? Long time goat owner (and lover!) Naomi Montacre of Naomi’s Organic Farm Store, shares some basic tips and advice to get you started.

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