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Chilled Squash Soup and Lamb-Stuffed Squash
Fall season brings a multitude of summer squash to the garden and the market. Chef Donald Kotler, of restaurant TOAST, shares two tasty dishes that use both zucchini and yellow squash. The first is Chilled Squash Soup and for the second he brings out the electric power tools to make Lamb Stuffed Squash.

Food Buyers Club
It began with a small parenting group for expectant mothers, and in just a few short years, expanded into a 900-member food buyer’s club, with hundreds of fresh (sustainable and organic) foods available from local farmers, and specialty food distributors. Next week we meet Rebecca Anderssen, the founder and driving force behind Know Thy Food, and find out more about her buyers club, and the adjoining cafe she also started, to one day help support her food warehouse operation.

Why Join a Food Buyer’s Club
As food buying clubs grow in popularity in larger cities across the country, we ask some club members why they choose to shop this way, and what are the real benefits they experience compared to shopping at the supermarket?

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