Coming Next: Grains and Crackers

Food writer and cookbook author Ivy Manning takes the mystery out of making homemade crackers. For the upcoming holiday season – she shares one of her favorites, a hazelnut cracker recipe. In addition, Manning shows us how to make a complimentary spread called Figgy Bourbon Conserve that she also uses as a spread for her crackers. What a way to begin the holidays!

Along a rushing creek, in a small, rural community in south central Washington, there sits an old hydro-powered grist mill. Unlike many of her bygone counterparts, this mill not only has survived, it operates as a working museum that draws visitors from around the world. Saved by a handful of volunteers, aptly named “The Friends of the Cedar Creek Grist Mill”, they set to work to restore the building to its original splendor. Watch how they used to grind grain into flour and meal and get a memorable sense of living history.

Where did all the small grist mills go? Why did they shut down? Museum volunteer Tom Henrich, explains the demise of the local community grist mill.

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