Coming Next: Culinary Knives

  • Tuesday
    Melinda Cassidy of Portland’s Culinary Workshop demonstrates some of the essential knife skills to make food preparation easier in the home kitchen.
  • Wednesday
    Arnon Kartmazov learned the ancient craft of the blacksmith while apprenticing with masters in both Israel and Japan. In addition to learning iron forging techniques as a “smithy”, and more specialized skills making samurai swords, Kartmazov learned how to make exquisite Japanese culinary knives. We visit Kartmazov in his shop in Portland, Oregon, and see his work in action.
  • Thursday
    Arnon Kartmazov displays some of his remarkable collection of culinary knives he has hand forged into existence. Combining artistic vision with craft, Kartmazov describes the characteristics that define a quality kitchen knife, and his perspective on making them.

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