Coming Next— Homemade Dog Food

Rick Woodford, author of Feed Your Best Friend Better, demonstrates how to make home made dog food. There will be 2 separate videos posted on the same day and time (ruff-ruff, you’re welcome!).

After learning his dog, Jackson, was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and given only a few months to live, Rick Woodford was determined that Jackson’s remaining time was going to be as pleasant as possible, and that meant serving him better meals. He researched a dog’s nutritional needs and got creative with cooking fresh foods, all from the same wholesome ingredients that humans eat. To his (and the oncologist’s) surprise, Jackson became energized again, and his cancer went into total remission. This incredible experience eventually led Woodford to publish Feed Your Best Friend Better, a practical cookbook designed not only for sick dogs, but healthy dogs, as well.

Rick Woodford always gets asked what a dog shouldn’t eat – what he rather focus on is what they should eat. Woodford shares many different fresh foods that most dogs love – some which may surprise you!

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