Coming Next: Householding

Path to Food Preservation: Householding
Harriet Fasenfest, author of The Householder’s Guide to the Universe shows us what it means to “household”, and how it’s more than just about canning foods; it’s another way of experiencing life. Find out if householding is right for you, and learn great tips to begin householding in a systematic fashion that matches your individual objectives.

Home Economics: A life spent on the Farm
At age 84, Virginia Yoder has spent most of her life on her 50 acre farm. As a farm wife and mother. besides raising six children, Yoder supported her husband by cooking meals, and putting up the farm harvest for later use throughout the year. Join us for an unusual look at life on the farm from a farm wife’s perspective as we tour her food gardens, fruit orchards, chickens, and food cellar.

Householding: A Way of Life
Harriet Fasenfest explains how her love of gardening, of cooking, and her lifelong sensitivity toward social issues transformed into her own brand of political consciousness that helps guide her present life.


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