Coming Next: Pickles

Tuesday: in the Kitchen (October 16)
Pickling cucumbers is a gateway food into the wonderful craft of homemade canning. Kathryn Yeomans, of The Farmer’s Feast, shows us how to make one of her favorites: bread and butter pickles.

Wednesday: to the Field
Tucked away in the coastal hills of Oregon lies a small certified organic cannery – actually, it’s a glassery. “We don’t do cans”, says Sweet Creek Foods owner Paul Fuller. Seeing a need for a local food processing center that not only buys fresh, organic products directly from area farmers, and processes them into a variety of canned products for direct sale, their products are also sold through regional grocery outlets.

Thursday: Food Wisdoms
Paul Fuller provides a unique added value service for farmers. He helps them transform cosmetically inferior products from their harvest into high-value processed products that customers will buy. Find out more about this customized service that benefits farmers and eaters alike.

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