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How to Can Sardines
Sardines have many health benefits and what better way to have them on hand than to can them fresh yourself for an ample supply. Harriet Fasenfest and Marge Braker show step by step how to safely can sardines. Included in the process, is a brief refresher course on how to use a home pressure canner. Longtime friends (and home canners), these two will have you chuckling along the way.

Albacore Tuna, Line Caught and Hand Packed
Running a small business has it’s own set of daily challenges, let alone one that depends so much on Mother Nature, as ocean fishing. Mark Kujala of Skipanon Brand Seafood, a micro-cannery in Warrenton, Oregon, carries on the family tradition of buying directly from fisher families and canning seafood by hand in small batches. Join us on a seafood adventure as we observe a typical albacore day from the fishing wharf and into the can.

What about Mercury in Tuna?
We talk with Dr. Michael Morrissey who completed a study in 2005 on the levels of mercury found in West Coast Albacore while affiliated with the Oregon State University Seafood Laboratory in Astoria, Oregon. In addition, the study looked at the levels of essential Omega 3 fatty acids in the same fresh-caught albacore samples. Those who may be concerned about eating albacore fillets or canned tuna because of concerns over mercury contamination won’t want to miss this episode.

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