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It’s late Autumn, and Kevin Chambers of Resonance Vineyard in Carleton, Oregon is harvesting the last of his 2012 wine grapes, the Gewürztraminers, along with his oldest vines of Pinot Noir grapes that he produces on his farm. The warm sunny weather, still lingering over from the summer, was expected to rapidly change. A storm was predicted for the next day, and so his crew was determined to finish the harvest today, or risk losing the grapes that remained. We talk with this veteran grower about his grapes, and what he tries to achieve with them.

Kevin Chambers just wants to keep growing the best grapes he can. And as he shares some of his insights as a grower that spans over two decades, we learn how his farming practices, and environmental philosophy have evolved over time. A deeply thoughtful, and knowledgeable grower, some of his ideas he tells us are not so enthusiastically shared by growers on either the organic or the conventional side.

Proprietor Bruce Bauer from Vino, a Portland, Oregon wine shop, shares his recommendations on some of his favorite moderate-to-low cost wines from the Northwest and beyond that would make excellent choices for the holiday season.

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