David Korten: Capitalism’s Threat to Democracy, part 2 (video)

In part 2, David Korten, noted author, and co-founder of Yes! magazine shares his views on the importance of building local, community-based economies, in which sustainable agriculture has a key role to play.

Korten explains that our existing industrial agriculture system receives essential public subsidies (and tax supports) that offset the real costs of energy, and food production. Without these supports, the global food system would no longer be economically viable. Who are the true beneficiaries of a food system that separates the eater from the source of their food? The large agribusiness corporations. Korten argues that both “peak oil” and climate change makes it imperative that we transition to a more localized food economy to insure continued access to adequate food supplies.

One of Korten’s central arguments is a simple notion on the surface, but more difficult to fully grasp: money does not equal true wealth; money holds no intrinsic value of its own.

What is the primary purpose of society? Is it to adequately address human need into the indefinite future, as a sacred obligation to both present and future generations? Will we be proud of our achievements, and the world that we leave to our children?

Perhaps, these are the kinds of questions to be asking ourselves. For it is our values as a nation that will largely determine our fate…

From Source Watch, an up-to-date tracking of the current economic crisis in the U.S.:

Financial Crisis Tracker

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