Farm Stand in Vermont (video)

Darby Farm Farmstand, Alburgh, Vermont

When I can, I like to take the backroads through the countryside. Not only is it beautiful, I discover parts of this country that are usually only seen by the locals.

One of those discoveries is the ever present farm stand. Have you seen them? They range in size and complexity from a small building to a board perched upon concrete blocks. But they all contain freshly harvested food from the farm just up the drive from the stand. And that is the draw for me.

The Darby Farm is no exception. As I was on my way to visit Roger Rainville’s Borderview Farm in northern Vermont, I passed a small farm stand along the road. I said to Lynn, let’s stop by there on the way back. We both noted the location and hoped it would still be open at the end of the day.

Not only was it open, it was an ‘on your honor’ type of operation – no one was there to collect money or make sure you only took what you paid for. In today’s economy that might be somewhat risky, but, as the farmer, Heather Darby says, most people are very honest. For example, one buyer had kept a tally of the amount he owed ($35) and paid it in full when the stand re-opened in the Spring.

When I visited, the farm stand was full of freshly picked peppers, corn, beans, lettuce (check out the small vertical refrigerator to the right), carrots, potatoes, and honey. I selected a few veggies and a jar of their own honey too. All good!

Keep your eyes open this summer for local farm stands. The Kitchn put together handy list of farm stands, From Alabama to Wyoming: Farm Stands in All 50 States.

If you find an interesting farm stand, send us a picture, and we will try and put it up on CUPS.

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