Farm To School: A Conversation with Marion Kalb-part 3

In this final segment, Marion Kalb, director of the Farm To School program, suggests practical ways to work with food service directors, and others, to bring fresh, locally produced foods into the school cafeteria lunchroom. Kalb shares success stories of schools in different areas of the country that have offered kids fresh vegetables and fruits, demonstrating that they will develop wider tastes for these foods when given a proper chance. Do you know of a Farm To School program in your school? What was your child’s experience?

For more information how you can bring a program to your community, contact these organizations: Coalition For Food Security: National Farm To School Program; National Farm To School Organization; and this conference that took place in Portland, Oregon, March 19-21, 2009: 4th National Farm To Cafeteria Conference.


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    My concern is how can fresh product (both quality and quantity) be offered during the school year which is not during the growing season? Wouldn’t farmers need to have greenhouses? I should do more research here in my area (rural PA).

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    Your site is an inspiration to local food bloggers everywhere–even up here in Canada!

    I’ve taken the liberty of sharing the last few portions of the interview with Marion Kalb in the effort to get something rolling over here.

    Once again, keep up the great work!

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