Food Farmer Earth Newsletter: Carrots

Growing Carrots: Red, Yellow, Purple and Orange

There’s an exciting world out there of diverse carrot varieties — yellows, purples, and reds — which offer distinct tastes and textures. Farmer Shari Sirkin of Dancing Roots Farm talks about some of the carrot varieties she grows on her farm, including the Shin Kuroda that she is harvesting now.

How to Make Rutabaga Carrot Ginger Soup

Winter is the season for eating fresh, root vegetables, and Kathryn Yeomans of The Farmer’s Feast shows us how to make a hearty vegetable soup to warm the soul, and fill the belly. The key to making a good soup is allowing for adequate cooking times, and freshness (taste) of the ingredients that make up the soup.

A Critical Head Start for Preschoolers: Eating Healthy Foods

Head Start began as an eight-week demonstration project in 1965 to help break the cycle of poverty, providing preschool children of low-income families with a comprehensive program to meet their emotional, social, health, nutritional and psychological needs. Since then it has become the nation’s largest federally funded early child care and education program for children zero to five years old.

Coming Next: Culinary Knives

  • Tuesday
    Melinda Cassidy of Portland’s Culinary Workshop demonstrates some of the essential knife skills to make food preparation easier in the home kitchen.
  • Wednesday
    Arnon Kartmazov learned the ancient craft of the blacksmith from a number of masters while apprenticing in both Israel and Japan. In addition to learning iron forging techniques as a “smithy”, and more specialized skills making samurai swords, Kartmazov learned how to make exquisite Japanese culinary knives. We visit Kartmazov in his shop in Portland, Oregon, and see his work in action.
  • Thursday
    Arnon Kartmazov displays some of his remarkable collection of culinary knives he has hand forged into existence. Combining artistic vision with craft, Kartmazov describes the characteristics that define a quality kitchen knife, and his perspective on making them.

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