Food.Farmer.Earth Newsletter: Pacific Northwest Oysters

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in the Kitchen: How to Make Oysters Rockefeller

Chef Ethan A. Powell, of EaT: An Oyster Bar, and The Parish, his new Portland, Oregon restaurant, shows us how to make Oysters Rockefeller. Here’s the link to the original post that includes the Oyster Rockefeller recipe.

to the Field: A Fourth Generation Oyster Fisherman, and Family Ties to Oyster Industry

In this episode from on the YouTube Food.Farmer.Earth, Bill Taylor, a fourth generation oyster farmer and president of Taylor Shellfish Farms, shares his family’s century-old connection to the shellfish industry his great-grandfather helped develop, and to the South Puget Sound where they continue to successfully farm a variety of oysters (Olympia, Pacific, Kumamoto, and Virginica oysters) and other shellfish.

Food Wisdom: The Skilled Craft of Professional Oyster Shucking

Felipe Sandoval, a veteran oyster shucker, shares some of the ins and outs of his craft after 30 years on the job in this video from Food.Farmer.Earth.

Next week on Food.Farmer.Earth: Urban Farms

  • Tuesday – in the Kitchen with Aaron Woo of Natural Selection, who shows us how to make a Parisian herbed gnocchi served over a bed of English peas and basil pesto.
  • Wednesday – to the Field at The North Portland Farm, an urban farm project whose stated goals are to “grow fantastic food” and to provide an educational, hands-on experience for people with disabilities. In this episode, we talk with the farm manager, and meet some of the people working on the farm to learn more about what they grow and market to their local CSA members.
  • Thursday- Food Wisdoms: Can urban agriculture feed an entire city? What is a realistic goal for a city the size and makeup of Portland to grow its own food? Tune in, and find out in this next Food Wisdom on Food.Farmer.Earth.

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