A Conversation with ‘King Corn’ Filmmaker Curt Ellis-Part 3

Farming today is not what we may imagine it to be. It’s become largely an industrial process, and corn epitomizes this shift in production methods. In Part 3, ‘King Corn’ filmmaker Curt Ellis shares his experience growing an acre of corn in Iowa, and what it was like for him and his partner. Surprisingly, the growing of 10,000 pounds of corn in one season was the easiest part of the whole farming experience. The other parts were more mundane, and more disappointing. A present look at Corn Futures.


  1. Eltear says

    OK tomorrow (April 15 2008) is when King Corn is scheduled to air on PBS stations around the US. In Pacific NW looks like it is on at 10 pm, but check local listings.

    It’s a funny eye-opening film all high-fructose corn syrup consumers need to see. (That’s all of us, impossible to avoid the stuff)

  2. Eltear says

    King Corn is scheduled to air on Public Television’s “Independent Lens” series in April of 2008. If you missed the theatre run of this great documentary, or it never made it to your town, don’t miss it!

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