In The Can: Food Swap (video)

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Bethany Rydmark shares some of her thoughts about the Food Swap event she has created for local foodies at the Branch & Birdie store in southeast Portland. The Food Swap is designed in part like a silent auction where canned products, baked goods, dryed goods, jams, homemade medicinal products, and other food creations are exchanged between willing participants in this open house style event. Coming soon to CUpS.


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    I just love thinking back on this fabulous night! Thank you so much for coming out to capture some of the evening’s stories. It’s wonderful to continue to hear about similar celebrations of home-prepared foods popping up all around the country.

    Your work brings encouragement and joy~

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      Yes, swaps are becoming popular! I just heard about a (small) soup swap that will be happening in Portland soon, and a canning swap in upstate New York. It’s a great idea and I’m looking forward to your next one, Bethany.

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