Ken Meter: Building A Local Food Economy: Part 3 (video)

This final installment, Ken Meter expresses optimism for the future of local food economies, but a healthy respect for the challenges that lie ahead. Interestingly, Ken Meter suggests we choose foods that are healthier for us to eat as a guide toward supporting local food economies. By contrast, Michael Pollan argues we are too obsessed as a nation with food being eating largely on the basis of health, ignoring other important reasons for eating, such as pleasure, community, culture, etc.. Are they in disagreement? Oddly, I think, not. Pleasure in Pollan’s terms means food that not only tastes good, but also feels good, after we eat it. Ken Meter speaks in terms of health, but the types of food, their seasonality and localness also correspond more closely with better tasting foods, and pleasurable eating. Of course, community, and culture rest comfortably in both camps. After viewing the Michael Pollan interviews, what’s your take on how the two interviews compare?

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