Coming Next: Pasture Raised Pigs

Beginning on Tuesday of next week, we present a special “in the Kitchen” segment, Camas Davis, who traded in her former career as a food journalist to become a butcher, and start a butchery school where she now teaches, demonstrates how to butcher a pig (3 videos).

Wednesday, “to the Field” takes us to a small farm where they raise heritage breed pigs whose genetics enable them to thrive on pasture grass, and for the mother to farrow her litter outdoors. While that may sound funny to those of us unaccustomed to the ways of commercial pig farming—much of the pork we buy in the supermarket comes from pigs raised under cramped, indoor living conditions, and would not be able to survive in natural, outdoor conditions.

Thursday, on “Food Wisdoms”, Kendra Kimbirauska, a former legislative aid for a Michigan senator on the agriculture committee, current food activist, and farmer, talks about the costs of raising sustainable pigs versus conventional farming where the true costs are hidden from view.


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