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Homemade School Lunch Ideas for Young Children

As kids anticipate their first days of school, many parents begin wondering what to pack for a healthy lunch? Dr. Betty Izumi demonstrates 3 ideas for a homemade lunch for young children. The ideas range from time-tested egg salad sandwiches to something new and different.

A Visit to a U-Pick Farm

Theresa Draper took over her parents farm and renamed it Draper Girls Country Farm to reflect the fact that her 3 daughters were part of the new operation. In the 1990’s Draper expanded the farm stand into a u-pick farm, offering cherries, peaches, pears, and apples to be picked by the public. There are many challenges facing such an endeavor, as Draper explains in the video.

Importance of Diversified Marketing Outlets to Small Farmers

Farmer Theresa Draper has many people relying on her for their income and she has found that by diversifying the ways to bring in an income stream has been able to carry herself, and her employees throughout the year. From added-value products to opening the old farm house to vacationers, Draper is always looking for new ways to keep her farm afloat.

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