Preserving Food And Friendship (video)

It was once a common way to extend food beyond the immediate season. Two friends become involved in the ancient practice of preserving food, and in the process form a closer bond with nature and each other.

When’s the last time you canned something? Or, bought a lot of berries, peaches or beans, got the pots out, prepped the food, rolled up your sleeves, and got to it? Awhile, I bet.

I live in an area that has an abundance of fresh food growing, and when I have a chance I take one of my boys and we go U-Picking. Berries are our favorite, I come home with pounds of them. I make a pie, maybe a crumble, and then freeze the rest. But I’d like to put them up, can them. Share the goodness with family and friends. But it’s been years, I needed a refresher.

Food Preservation class in Portland Oregon taught by Marge Braker and Harriet FasenfestHarriet Fasenfest and Marge Braker from Preserve, are two long time friends who got together to start teaching the lost art of preserving. Braker taught home economics for many years, and was on the faculty at Oregon State University Extension Service. Fasenfest is a writer, gardener, and food preserver. Both fit in with today’s path toward sustainable living: Buying local, growing your own, and preserving the abundance season by season.

Watch the How to Make Small Batch Jam and give it a shot, also check out the recipe: Small Batch Fresh Strawberry Jam Recipe It’s fun to make fresh strawberry jam, I brought home some fresh picked strawberries, made my own small batch, kept one jar for us, and gave the other to a neighbor. You can even invite some friends over and make it a happening!


  1. Keli Whidden says

    I make strawberry jam with the kids every year…but this year I am branching out! We live in a fruit belt, so am going to try my hand at canning on a larger scale. Thanks for the boost to the inspiration :)

  2. says

    Thanks, Christa! I think Marge did a great job. I’m glad she and Harriet got together :)
    I was like you too…never thinking I had enough berries for jam. And it’s so easy too…another myth that was debunked!

  3. says

    I love the video on making small batch jam. I always thought I didn’t have enough strawberries from my garden to make jam. I’m inspired now to try the small batch process. Thank you!!

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