Raising Backyard Chickens (video)

Tips from an Urban Farming Expert

Naomi Montacre, co-founder of Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply, a Portland organic feed and products store, shares some of her expert knowledge on raising backyard chickens.

Naomi Montacre holding one of her chickens.

Naomi Montacre, Naomi’s Organic Farm Store, holding one of her chickens.

In part 1, Montacre describes some of the basic considerations deciding whether to raise chickens in your own backyard. As she points out, chickens are relatively inexpensive to raise, and they can provide up to about 4000 eggs per chicken, throughout their lifetime. Though rare, backyard chickens can live into their early 20’s; 12 years of age is more the norm. The most productive years for chickens are within their first 3-5 years, and then tapers off sharply through the remainder of their life.

In the raising of young chicks, Montacre offers advice for those looking to raise chickens organically, without the use of medications in their feed, a practical suggestion how to do so in a healthy, and natural way.


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