Kitchen Literacy 2

Kitchen Literacy 2

PART 2—Continuing our conversation with Ann Vileisis, author of Kitchen Literacy, she explains how over time we became gradually disconnected from how foods were produced, and where they originated. Most importantly, the advertising industry played a significant role in changing American values toward food, and easing the transformation to the industrial food production system of […]

Kitchen Literacy 1

Ann Vilesis: Kitchen Literacy

Ann Vileisis, author of Kitchen Literacy, explores the fundamental question, what do we know about our food, and how did we come to acquiring this knowledge. Vilesis sheds light on the profound role mass advertising has played in shaping public opinion in developing our modern food culture.

Carlo Petrini Good, Clean, Fair

Carlo Petrini: Good, Clean and Fair part 6 (video)

Slow Food founder Carlo Petrini argues for economic respect, and fairness to the small farmers of the world. Economy and ecology share the same roots, both require a local context in order to survive.