Food.Farmer.Earth Newsletter: Aquaponics

Food.Farmer.Earth Newsletter: Aquaponics

This week on Food.Farmer.Earth, a look at small scale aquaponics, chef Robert Wiley demonstrates a southern style catfish fry recipe, the Weekly roundup, and more…

Designing a Sustainable Aquaponics System: An Inventor's Touch

Designing a Sustainable Aquaponics System: An Inventor’s Touch

A key strength behind the aquaponics system, the growing of fish and plants together within a mutually benefitting system, to increase natural efficiencies. Inventor Curt Jungwirth has taken the design a step further in his quest to reduce waste and increase efficiencies even more.


Small Scale Aquaponics

Ann Forsthoefel talks about the learning curve she has experienced developing her small scale aquaponics system of growing food she plans to sell to local markets.