Nathan Winters Coming Soon to Cooking Up a Story

During the summer of 2009, Nathan Winters spent 5 months traveling 4300 miles across the nation on a bicycle to rediscover our food system. Read excerpts from his unpublished book, The Uncommon Harvest.


TEDxManhattan: Changing the Way We Eat

February 11, 2011 The TED talks have garnered a following and popularity throughout the world – many folks like to listen to passionate thinkers and doers who are on the cutting edge in their field, whether it be design, science, technology, global issues…they are “riveting talks by remarkable people.” These talks have inspired other communities […]


The Multnomah Food Action Plan

January 27, 2011 A lot of excitement in the air today as the Multnomah Food Initiative had its kickoff celebration of the Multnomah Food Action Plan (PDF) in Portland, Oregon. The room was filled with sustainable food and agriculture enthusiasts, advocates, and policy makers. “The goal Multnomah Food Initiative is to develop a shared community […]

Carlo Petrini, founder of Slow Food

The Slow Food Revolution in India

November 22, 2010 Calcutta, India As the taste for fast food has increased over the years overseas, so has the waistband. “We never saw so many obese kids and adults before. In fact, obesity used to be associated with the Americans, known to be big eaters. Now we run into obese kids all the time […]