Eating Bambi (video)

Susan Wilson of Sudan Farm talks about why some people find it difficult to eat lamb. If a livestock animal happens to be cute, why does that make it harder for people to eat? Next week on Food Farmer Earth: Wasabi


Six Speak Out on Preventing Cruelty on the Farm

May 11, 2011 A variety of voices are being raised on NYTime’s ‘Room for Debate‘ opinion page this week, with the subject header being Preventing Cruelty on the Farm. This is an important topic that warrants discussion as a number of states consider changing laws that prohibit photographs or filming of a farm without that […]


Nathan Winters Coming Soon to Cooking Up a Story

During the summer of 2009, Nathan Winters spent 5 months traveling 4300 miles across the nation on a bicycle to rediscover our food system. Read excerpts from his unpublished book, The Uncommon Harvest.