The Unconventional Harvest: A Large No-Till Organic Farm

The Unconventional Harvest: A Large No-Till Organic Farm

I met Emily Stiegelmeier near Route 12 at the intersection of two long and lonely dirt roads near her 4,000 acre farm. Stiegelmeier, and her family, owns and operates Blue Blanket Organics, an organic farm where they grow spring and winter wheat, flax, rye, barley, and buckwheat. Excerpt 10.

Image by Daniel Klein

Mushroom Farming (video)

Carole Anne and Curly are Arkansas transplants (they both hail from the east coast), brilliant musicians and amazing mushroom farmers. Their hippie roots brought them “back to the land” and to the magnificent Ozarks. They’ve been farming now for over 20 years, and know the shiitake like they know their three children. Their farm is […]


Radiance Dairy (video)

There are thousands of dairy farms out there. And most treat their cows on par with industry standards: Milk them until they no longer produce at large quantities and then “retire” them…usually to a feed lot. But Radiance Dairy is different. And that’s why we chose it as our first stop on the Real Food […]