Temple Grandin: Humane Treatment of Livestock (video)

Originally Published: February 5, 2010.

Dr. Temple Grandin, Associate Professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University talks about her approach to helping livestock handling facilities provide more humane treatment of farm animals. This is an excerpt from her talk delivered at the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Sustainable Foods Institute in Monterey, California, in May of 2009. Her understanding of farm animals has led to a revolution in their care and handling, and has helped the entire industry improve their handling facilities, and provide more consistent humane treatment to livestock.

The clip below was taken at the Texas Tech Agricultural Research facility where Temple Grandin helped with the design of the cattle chute seen in the video. As part of a large water conservation project, the cattle were being weighed to evaluate different grazing methods, and the chute was designed to minimize the stress to the animals when they went through the gate to be individually weighed.

For those who may have an interest, here’s a link to the documentary that we did about the water scarcity in the region: Water Scarcity on the Texas High Plains: The Ogallala Aquifer


  1. says

    The HBO one? Did you catch it? I’m hoping it comes out on DVD soon – would love to see it. She has done amazing things for better treatment of animals. We need more Temple Grandins in the food industry.

    • Eltear says

      I saw it the first airing! Some tv movie elements, but a fascinating look into how prey animals might see the world, translated by this autistic woman. Keep watching thru the credits – they use real photos of her life.

  2. Eltear says

    Great seeing this, Rebecca! I’ll never forget that Monterey experience, especially seeing Temple –one of my heroes. Look for the new movie about her, called just Temple Grandin I think. Claire Danes does a wonderful job in the starring role. Temple’s story is amazing, and so is the positive impact she’s had on animal welfare (love her focus on the “practical.”) – Lynn

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